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We are Texas Premier Recruiting & Staffing Agency, Providing Reliable, Professional Employment Services.
We deliver high-quality staffing and recruitment solutions that enable companies and talent to thrive.

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Got a project coming up? Employees heading out for vacation? There are many reasons to use temporary employees. With our help, you will find ideal candidates to hire.



Want to test the waters before you dive in head first? Temporary to hire is a great way to assess talent before making a permanent commitment to hire.



Don’t have the time or resources to engage elite talent needed in today’s competitive market? We provide Customizable Direct Hire / Placement Services.


The Benefits of Staffing with Us

The trials of hiring new employees are well understood by all companies, especially those who are growing steadily or experience high turnover. As an employer, your desire to find the best candidates available is challenged by your need to fill positions quickly and efficiently.

Alara Staffing Solutions understands your struggle. We exist to simplify and streamline the entire hiring process–and most importantly, to find you superior candidates. We help you to start employing the best people possible for your company!


Positions We Staff

Healthcare and Information Technology Staffing – it’s what we know and it’s what we do.

Alara Staffing Solutions provides dependable, professional staffing services to employees and employers throughout the Texas. Whether your organizations seeks a temp or a contingent labor workforce, our account teams stand ready to assist.

The Process

The temp hiring process works like this:

  • You (our client) calls or emails with your temp staffing requirements(s) and budget
  • We provide one or more candidates that match your needs
  • We handle payrolling and keep your billing simple

Being a service-oriented temp agency in Texas, Alara Staffing Solutions makes hiring a “temp” ultra-simple for our clients. We’ve been known to fill clients’ “temp” needs with next-day speed.

Get the Right Job, Right Now.

Need the flexibility of temporary job opportunities that work with your lifestyle? Want to see what an employer is really like before you make a commitment? Looking for a career opportunity where you can set down roots? Alara Staffing Solutions can help.

We are here to partner with you to achieve your career goals, whatever they may be.